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Dave Brooks, GA.

To T3 Audio….
Congratulations!! You now have a bona-fide Sound Quality World championship to add to your list of accomplishments!!!
I won the MECA modified extreme (MODEX) World Championship last night!
Thank you so much for taking a chance on a rookie to represent your subs in sound quality... that had to be a huge leap of faith on your part and I'm honored that you chose me... and excited that I could bring you a world championship for your faith in me!!!

Your subwoofers netted me my highest sub-bass scores for the whole season too... simply wonderful.
Thank you again for making my rookie dream season a reality.

Team 420, ME.

All we can say is the woofers are top notch and we have numerous World Records to prove it!! Great support, great ownership, great product…..
Team 420 enjoys smoking the competition!!!

Edward Lester, PA.

I have been involved with the Car Audio industry for over 14 years, as a consumer, a competitor, and a retailer. I have used, tested, and sold many brands and models of subwoofers in my years. I have had subwoofers that played loud and subwoofers that sounded good, but I always wanted a subwoofer that would do both and excel at each. I found that in the T3 Audio TSS. I have been using three 12” TSSs for a year now in our demo/competition/daily car. I play for 8 hours a day at car shows, listen to them daily, and still go bust out mid 150 dBs at dB Drag events. I am amazed that I can play 20 hz at full volume and feel it clearly and then play some Dream Theatre and hear every beat of the double bass drum. The subs hold up perfectly to my 10,000 watt Hifonics Maxximus amp but my car is having a hard time with the amount of output from these things. The only thing I wish for now is more cars to put more T3 subs in.

Cory Cox, AZ.

You guys have proven to me to be world class and take care of your customers I just hope at world finals I can return a little of what you have given me! Thanks!!

James Carnes, OH.

We have gone farther and reached new heights than we have ever thought possible changing to the T3 Audio woofers. Just straight off the drop in we gained 2db… how many woofers companies can say hey these guys just threw in my woofers and gained that big. All I can say is T3 Audio makes some top of the line bad ass subs.

James Dyer, GA.

Your product is the best! Even your company van sounds good!  The quality of your speakers can't be beat! I'm very proud to be representing T3 Audio ! Hopefully, I can show off the product a lot better in the future. Far as customer service. I don't think it can be beat!
I want to also thank you for everything!
I just hope I can do as much for T3 Audio as you have done for me.

Todd Mayton, TN.

Oh yeah!!!
Honestly, your subs are very impressive and i love them. I’ll be using them for daily and for competition for a long time.

Cory Cox, AZ.

I purchased 2 Tsns 18" subs from T3 audio to replace my Atomic APX subs I used the same box same power and I gained almost 3db just doing the swap out. Customer service and technical help has been unmatched in the industry. I loved the performance of these subs so much I bought 2- TSS 10" for my wifes car and the difference from the old subs was unbelievable. Top quality product from a first class company!!

Shaun Schiffinger, Utica NY.

I use two T3 TSNS 18s in my van and they are the only subs I would consider for the job. Hats off to T3 for an extremely well built product!
Team Innovative Shaun
DB Drag racing Street Max 1-2

Mike Travassos, East Providence, RI

With t3audio… you need windshield coverage insurance!!!

Danielle Phillips, MD.

I like subwoofers that I can depend on to do what I need. T3 Subs have proven to be able to withstand power and longevity. I have used these subs for a year and they have over 5,000 burps and are still like brand new. T3 is a respectable company with quality assurance and customer service to the max. I plan on staying with them for a long time.

Jared Horton, NY.

I use 4 Sets of the TS components, the components sound great and handle all the power i want. Sound just as good as sets 2x the price. Service has always been A+ with great support.

Adam Nielsen

I have sent a woofer for reconing and received a recone to do myself, and both have been extremely good to me. The customer service is top notch with extremely fast replies and good answers to any questions. As for the woofers, they are unparalleled. I just can't blow these things, not that I would want to anyways! I will continue to deal with these guys for years to come! Thanks!!