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January 1st 2010
T3 Audio Industries Releases ALL NEW 2010 Products

T3 Audio is very pleased to announce our entirely new Subwoofer line up for 2010. All of our new woofers have been much improved over the previous models. Two years of research and development have given us the ability to make these new products with some of the best parts and designs in the industry today. This philosophy was incorporated from the entry level T.200 Woofer all the way up to the world famous TSNS Woofer. No short cuts were taken as the destination goal is the same for us….. To be and offer the best. We know our customers will be very satisfied with the new line up!

DB Drag World Finals - October 3 and 4th 2009
T3 Audio makes a statement in Europe and abroad!

With the second ever unified World Finals event, T3 Audio was not only represented in the USA as usual, but also in vehicles from Greece that competed at the Hamburg Germany location. Two Team T3 Audio Greek competitors were both favored in their classes, as they were armed with the TSNS woofers that had never been seen or used by Europeans. The woofers proved to be the real deal and not just a myth, as both Team Performance Thanasis and Nickos Athanasiadis put up HUGE numbers in their classes. Thanasis scored a 162.9db in Streetmax 1-2 class with two TSNS 18” Woofers, and Nickos totally shocked the world with a never before seen score of 164.2db with only one 18” TSNS!! In the Superstreet  No Wall Class. The North American Championship went to Team Innovative Shaun in the Streetmax 1-2 Class with a 158.8db score from two TSNS 18” Woofers. Team T3 Audio Director Ed “HHR ED” Lester was recognized as the North American Points Leader Champion. Ed went to more events and accumulated more points than any other competitor on the entire continent….. sounds like dedication to car audio and competition!! Congratulations to all T3 Audio competitors, and we look forward to a very successful 2010!

T3 Audio Appoints Team and Internet Marketing Director - May.14th 2009 - Mr. Edward Lester

After being a Team T3 Audio competitor for 2 years, it was an easy decision to make when choosing a person for representing T3 Audio in internet marketing and as the Team T3 Audio director. Ed “HHR ED” Lester of Norristown Pennsylvania was chosen for the job. Ed has a huge following in the car audio internet forum community as well as in the car show community across the globe. He is an accomplished promoter, engineer, inventor, and the exact twin of Matt Damon the actor, which was the deciding factor. Ed is way too cool to work for any other audio company so he works for T3 Audio Industries, and can be reached at Ed@T3Audio.com for any questions regarding technical design, team questions or product information.

Spring Break Nationals - March 14 and 15th 2009
T3 Audio was flexing its muscle in Daytona Beach.

This year, T3 Audio meant business as it displayed in the largest booth at the venue, with 7 demo vehicles on deck to show off to the spring break crowd. All T3 Audio competitors were being filmed for a documentary at this event, to promote on TV, internet and other advertising. The booth showcased the Chevy HHR of Ed “HHR ED” Lester, 2005 Mustang GT-BBR500E of James Dyer with beautiful installation completed by T3 Audios owner Johnathan Demuth, Monster lifted and supercharged Dodge Durango of Charles Meyer equipped with four TSNS 18” Woofers, the “murdered out” Audi S5 of Charles Meyer that is as fast as it is loud, multiple World Champion Mitsubishi Eclipse GST of John Marsh which is the cover car for T3 Audios advertising, the impressive Black 2004 Isuzu Rodeo of the ever successful Brett Nelker, and the BIG BLUE Ford Econoline van of Bob Perillo to shake everything up.

Big Bob Perillo drove all the way from Maine to shake the convention center apart with his 168+ db van equipped with 9 TSNS 15’s and 180,000 watts of power. He set a World Record in IASCA and Db Drag Racing at this event….. Just another day in the park for Bob and his ear shattering van. Bobs Team 420 side kick Mike Travassos drove from Rhode Island with his SS1-2 TSNS equipped Jeep Cherokee. Mike set an IASCA and Db Drag record at this event as well.  Ed “HHR ED” Lester beat up on a few guys with his Chevy HHR, sporting only four TSS 12” woofers and 10,000 watts of power, he was able to take 3rd place in Db Drag Racing Superstreet No Wall class with a 152.4db!!

On the Sound Quality Side of things, it was a dominating performance by the Team T3 Audio SQ Team. John Marsh was at the forefront as usual, with his unbeatable Eclipse equipped with five of the T3 Audio TS series 10” Woofers. John was able to win the IASCA National SQi Championship in the Pro Ultimate Class. Up-n-comer Brett Nelker entered one of the hardest  and most populated classes at the event, and was able to pull out a 7th place finish against some really tough competition. Brett runs two of the TSS 15” Woofers for his sub stage. Also, Dave “Baldilocks” Brooks was in the house with his insane F-250 Ford Super Duty. His truck rivals all other trucks, as it has a bandpass enclosure underneath the vehicle with one TSS 15” Woofer that has been described as sonically excellent by some of the most discriminating ears in the industry today. Dave impressed the judges and pulled out a win in his class with his extremely unique installation and sonic quality.

2008 Db Drag Racing World Finals - Oct. 9 and 10th
More World Championship and National Championship Trophies Won!

The excitement level was high, as this was the first true unified “World Finals” where competitors would go head to head with other cars from other countries. Wayne Harris, the founder and owner of Db Drag Racing, made this possible by a real time internet based competition where one guy in Indianapolis USA can real time compete against a guy in Germany…..definitely a first for our hobby and sport!  T3 Audio competitors were ready to compete, and proved so with many National Championships won and a World Championship won as well. Leading the pack was first year competitor Andrew McCain from Farmington New Mexico, with his Chevy Astro Van equipped with 4 T3 Audio TSNS 18” Woofers and over 64,000 watts of power. He won the Superstreet 3-4 World Championship title with an amazing 167.4db!! National Championships were won by Mike Travassos in Superstreet 1-2 with 165.1db, Jeffrey Fernandez in Superstreet NW Class with 162.8db, and Team Innovative Shaun in Streetmax 1-2 class with a 158.9db. Congratulations to all of these Champions!!! Also noted with amazing finishes at finals were Ed “HHR ED” Lester with a 152.6db in the Superstreet No Wall Class, and Team NWA in SS 3-4 with a 165.2db for second place finish in the National Championship race. We congratulate all Team T3 Audio competitors on another very successful World Finals showing!

Daytona Beach, March 28-29th 2008
T3 Audio on Display and taking home championship trophies!

Spring Break Nationals was in full effect at its annual show in Daytona Beach Florida. Upon walking into the main convention center, T3 Audio was on Display front and center. The booth was showing off the two high end vehicles that T3 Audio uses for most of its advertising and media exposure. James Dyers 2005 Mustang GT-BBR500E Mustang was open for all to see. This vehicle has been featured in numerous Mustang magazines and specialist publications. James Mustang is equipped with three sets of T6S Components, one set of T5S Components and two of the TS12” woofers in the trunk.  John Marsh was also on display with his fully customized Mitsubishi Eclipse GST, and again won highest honors in the Sound Quality Competition and took home the World Champion Title for IASCA SQi Pro Ultimate class. John runs our woofers only, five of our TS10” Woofers in his beautiful custom installation. Outside the venue in the SPL lanes, Extreme Sound Danielle came all the way from Maryland and brought home 3rd Place with a 165.4db in the Extreme 3+ Db Drag Racing category. Danielle runs five T3 Audio TSS 15” Woofers in her highly modified bright yellow VW Bus that she affectionately calls “Big Jim”.

T3 Audio Sound Quality World Champion! Dave Brooks
MECA World Finals Nov. 17 & 18th 2007

Yes, we are mostly known for our SPL competition achievements, but now we added a new Title to our collection. Sound Quality World Champion!
Dave Brooks, a Sound Quality Rookie competitor from Macon Georgia has made us very proud. Dave originally contacted us asking for a woofer with better lower end, to improve his scores before his world finals event.

Here is the email he sent to us after the event:

"Johnathan, Congratulations!! You now have a bona-fide Sound Quality World championship to add to your list of accomplishments!!!
I won the MECA modified extreme (MODEX) World Championship last night!

Thank you soo much for taking a chance on a rookie to represent your subs in sound quality... that had to be a huge leap of faith on your part and I'm honored that you chose me... and excited that I could bring you a world championship for your faith in me!!!

Your subwoofers netted me my highest subbass scores for the whole season too... simply wonderful.

Thank you again for making my rookie dream season a reality.


Dave Brooks"

Dave also won his division at IASCA world Finals in September. Congratulations to Dave Brooks on his awesome achievements! We are looking forward to seeing the new setup he will have for 2008!

2007 SEMA SHOW in Las Vegas-- Oct. 27-31st
T3 Audio Debuts its 2008 Product.

We attended our first SEMA Show in Las Vegas, as an exhibitor. We set up our little 10' x 10' booth in the North Hall of the Las Vegas convention center, and we were overwhelmed by the number of people interested in our products, as well as the amount of new accounts we signed on. It is an exciting time for us, and the show was an absolute success for us. We met many great people within our industry, learned a lot, and left the show with a definite direction and goal for the future ahead of us. T3 Audio is growing exponentially and we are very excited about our future within the 12 volt Audio market. Keep your eyes peeled for us at SEMA Show 2008!!

2007 Db Drag Racing World Finals, Oct. 13 & 14th
Breaking Windshields: 101 Class is in Session!

Thats the class that T3 Audio competitors taught at the 2007 World Finals. Starting from the top was Big Bob Perillo, from Sanford Maine. His big blue Ford van is feared by all contenders, as it has been for years. Bob started off the world finals with a Bang... literally. While attempting a new World Record, he shattered his windshield with his 170db++ 54 Hz tone blast. Due to Db Drag Racing equipment failure, the metering system did not record the score. Bob decided to continue on with his windshield broken, for the remainder of the World Finals eliminations rounds. With the system turned down a bit to reduce the chances of further vehicle destruction, Bob went on to win the Superstreet 5+ World Championship with a amazing score of 168.5db with nine TSNS 15" subwoofers and 180,000 watts of power!

The second windshield lesson for the day was taught by Team NW Audio, from Platte City Missouri. Jerry Davis from NW Audio, launched his windshield with 4 TSNS 18" subwoofers and over 64,000 watts of power! Jerry replaced his windshield at the event and went on to take 2nd PLace in the SuperStreet 3-4 Division with a 166.2db!

Rooney Bianco returned to finals with a new vehicle in the Superstreet 1-2 division. His menacing Mitsubishi Montero was equipped with 2 TSNS 18" subwoofers, and ONLY HALF THE POWER of the contenders he was to face at the event. Rooney is a cool customer, and was not intimidated by the challenge that was before him. Rooney dropped the knob, and scored an amazing 165.5db, to take 2nd PLace in the World in his class. GO TEAM ROONEY!!! This will be a man with a mission in 2008!

In the Superstreet 1-2 No Wall division, Team T3 Audio swept up the 1st Place World Championship again, a repeat of the 2006 finals event. Jeffrey Fernandez from San Bernardino California, equipped with 2 TSNS 18" subwoofers and 80,000 watts of power, put the smack down on the favored European Competitor in the World Final Round. Jeffrey, and T3 Audio owner Johnathan Demuth, actually faced eachother as competitors in this same class back in 2002. In the final round of 2002, Johnathan prevailed over Jeffrey, but a friendship was made through the competition between these two. The rest is history in the making, as Jeffrey Fernandez now has the no wall torch.

Many other T3 Audio competitors placed in the top of their respected classes at this event..... Here is a break down of everyone, their class placement and score.
Bob Perillo-- SS5+ 168.5db 1st Place/ Bass Race 158.6db 2nd Place
Jeffrey Fernandez-- SS1-2no wall 163.6db 1st Place
Team NW Audio-- SS3-4 166.2db 2nd Place
Rooney Bianco-- SS1-2 165.5db 2nd Place
Team Northern SPL-- SM3-4 161.7db 2nd Place
Team James Carnes-- SM1-2 158.2db 2nd Place
Mike Travassos-- SS1-2 163.9db 3rd Place
Danielle Phillips-- EXT 3-4 167.9db 3rd Place
Martyn Adair-- Bass Race 149.9db 3rd Place
Toby Newton-- ST-C 154.8db 5th Place/ Bass Race 149.8db 6th Place
Jared Horton-- Bass Race 149.9db 5th Place
ED "Donkey Punch" Lester-- SM3-4 149.2db 7th Place

T3 Audio thanks all of its hard working competitors for supporting us, and it has been a pleasure supporting them as well!! Good luck in 2008!

Daytona Beach, March 23-24th 2007
T3 Audio Competitors Break World Records and windshields!!

The weather was hot, and so was the competition at the Spring Break show in Daytona Beach Florida. Leading the team, was seasoned veteran Gorman Cassidy, with his white/silver Chevy Astro van loaded down with 4 T3 AUdio TSNS 18" subwoofers. Being the class World Champion 2 years in a row, Gorman was ready to take on all challengers. He defeated his closest competition by 3db!!! Gorman scored an amazing 168.8db in the Superstreet 3-4 division of Db Drag racing.

T3 Audio competitor, Danny Britain, was driving over the competition with his DB Monster Orange Toyota Truck. Danny took first place in Super Street 1-2 in Db Drag Racing, as well as setting a huge new world record in the Iasca IDBL Advanced 2 class, with a score of 168.1db! This gave him two first place trophies, a world record, and bragging rights for the season.

David Mackey also surprised the competition with his amazing Blue Chevy Blazer. Normally known for his Bass Race skills, the crowd was expecting a big number from the blazer, which was now loaded with 2 18" T3 TSNS woofers. When the clock started, David dropped the hammer, with ten thousand watts per woofer. Three seconds into his run, the windshield shattered into tiny pieces flying into the crowd... which in turn affected his score greatly. Davids Blazer, is without a doubt, the loudest 2 woofer BAss Race machine on the planet!

Other T3 Audio Competitors Team 420 Rooney Bianco, and Pro Trucks Mike Langford, both took home second place trophies with amazing scores as well. These guys are both soon to be on the top of the SPL arena.

Daytona Beach, March 23-24th 2007

T3 Audio Competitors, Gorman and Tracy Cassidy, score 168.8db in SuperStreet 3-4 division.

Gorman and Tracy are the two time defending World Champions in this class.

They run four T3 Audio TSNS 18" subwoofers with approximately 80,000 watts of power!! Congratulations to the Cassidy family on their continuing class domination.

Daytona Beach, March 23-24th 2007

T3 Competitor, Danny Britain, scores 168.1db to set a new record in Iasca IDBL Advanced 2!

Danny runs two T3 Audio TSNS 18" subwoofers with approximately 40,000 watts of power! Congratulations Danny and Team!


When the dust settled at the 2006 Db Drag World Finals in Louisville Kentucky, T3 Audio emerged as the new dominant force in building competition subwoofers.Bringing home over 16 trophies, 3 World Championships and 2 World Records, T3 Audio made quite a statement a this event.

Leading the group, was Gorman Cassidy, who easily won the the Superstreet 3-4 class with a score of 168.2 decibels.... nearly 4 decibels ahead of second place! Gorman runs 4 T3 Audio "TSNS" 18" subwoofers with nearly 20,000 watts of power on each single woofer!! All of this is packed into his beautiful white and silver Chevy Astro van.

Team Budweiser, from Battlefield Missouri, took the Superstreet 1-2 win with an incredible 166.3 decibels in their unique red and black Chevy Luv truck. This was a huge score with only 2 T3 Audio "TSNS" 18" Subwoofers and nearly 25,000 watts on each subwoofer!!

Alan Laake, from Iowa, was the surprise winner in the Superstreet 1-2 No Wall class. Sneaking up on the competition with his white Dodge Caravan, loaded with 2 T3 Audio "TSNS" 18" subwoofers and 40,000 watts of power.
He took the World Championship with 162 decibels, narrowly defeating the former World Champion in the class.

Other winners include: Team James Carnes 2nd, Bob Perillo 2nd, Mike langford 4th, Barry Cook 6th, Rooney Bianco 3rd, XSSPL Jeffrey 4th,Jared Horton 6th, XSSPL Rolondo4th, Miranda Jackson 4th, David Mackey 7th, Cecilio Centish 8th, Danny Britain and Nathan Potter.


Atlanta Georgia was the home to the 2006 Iasca World Finals. Traveling 1300 miles from Maine, Team 420 dominated the show all weekend, and defintiely smoked the competition.

Team 420's Bob Perillo, won the Advanced III class with a huge score of 170.4 decibels! Bob runs a Ford Econoline Van, loaded with 9 T3 Audio "TSNS" 15" subwoofers, and over 70,000 watts of power in the big blue van.

Along with Bob, Team 420's Rooney Bianco, smoked the nearest competitior by nearly 20 decibels!! His red Dodge Caravan pumped out 163.9 decibels, with only 2 T3 Audio "TSNS" 15" subwoofers and roughly 40,000 watts of power. His van has definitely been retired from picking up the groceries, and now it just picks up tons of trophies!!