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T3 Audio is Car Audio for the People, by the People.

T3 Audio was founded in 2005 by Car Audio enthusiast and world renowned competitor Mr. Johnathan Demuth, and is privately owned by Mr. Johnathan Demuth to this day. His endless passion for the industry and hobby of competition has forged an automotive loudspeaker company that specializes in offering extremely unique products in the industry we provide to. With the CEO's competition expertise and SPL world record achievements since 1994, T3 Audio has developed a line of loudspeakers that is unparalleled in the industry today. Our management team consists of true hybrid audiophiles with combined experience in loudspeaker design, innovation, engineering, product development and success.

The psychology for the T3 Audio product line is derived from years of total domination and superiority in the SPL competition lanes worldwide. Our loudspeakers are designed and engineered with real world research and testing to perform at unrivaled levels in all categories and power requirements. Our products have the performance and sound quality to satisfy everyone from the everyday car audio enthusiast to the most discriminating audiophile in the industry today. We pride ourselves on perfection and it's clear from the moment you open the package and view our product to when you turn on your system and feel the T3 difference. The result is total quality, sound, and power that most people have never experienced before.

In comparison to most other brands, our product line will out-perform anything in its class. Thick gauged stamped steel baskets up to our heavy duty die cast aluminum coated frames provide the structure and stability required for today's demanding applications. From rigid non-pressed paper cones to our heavy duty composite high performance cones, both are designed to handle intense power without distortion. High quality UV treated foam surrounds, some up to 5 layer's thick, allow you to control the cones movement precisely for years of performing without failure or deterioration due to the harsh environment they are exposed to in an automobile. Thick braided high amperage tinsel leads allow huge amounts of power to flow to the voice coil efficiently and with ease. Huge FEA optimized motor structure assemblies up to 1,200 ounces put the drive, energy and power where it's needed the most. Precision wound high temperature 4-layer copper voice coils wound on black anodized aluminum formers allow the speaker to perform day after day at extreme power levels without failure. Many of our quality loudspeaker components are designed and proprietary only to T3 Audio and to our exacting specifications and performance requirements. All of our products are proudly designed, prototyped and QC approved in Gainesville Georgia U.S.A. at our T3 Audio Industries headquarters. Many of our products are 100% built at our Gainesville Georgia headquarters as well.

Our goal is to provide you with the best loudspeaker in the marketplace today regardless if you are just an everyday listener or gunning to be the next world SPL champion. Dependable products, tremendous customer service, solid business relationships and the quality that you demand are all attributes we strive to attain every day. We thank you for trusting T3 Audio to reproduce the sounds of your future!!